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    Costa Maya

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A unique opportunity to discover all the charm of an ancient culture, visiting some ruins and also entering a real Mayan home to discover the stories, legends and beliefs of these ancient people and delight our palates with a typical Mayan dish.

What we will see
  • Mahahual
  • Archaeological sites in the town centre
  • Authentic Mayan dwelling
  • Tasting of a traditional dish

What we will do
  • Our Mayan adventure will begin in a small but modern Mayan community called Mahahual, named after a local plant. It is in the heart of Costa Maya, in the south-west of the famous Riviera Maya. Originally a small fishing village, Mahahual has become a small, vibrant Caribbean town with approximately 1,000 inhabitants.
  • In this small but lively town near the border with Belize, our tour will take us to one of the fascinating archaeological sites in the town centre.
  • Our guide will provide information about the ruins, explaining how the various buildings were built.
  • Then we will follow our guide into an authentic Mayan home where we will meet the owners and discover the typical local dishes and old traditional remedies. We will hear the story of the plant that is sacred to the Mayans and its role in the universe, and we will discover the legends, beliefs and prophecies of the Mayan calendar.
  • Obviously we cannot miss out on the chance to taste a dish that is typical of Mayan cuisine, pollo pibil, a cooking technique in which chicken is cooked in an Achiote sauce, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed in an underground clay container. A real delight for our palates! The tasting also includes handmade omelettes and various sauces to accompany them.

What you need to know
  • This excursion will be guided in English or Spanish.