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Umi Kirara Saikai National Park Aquarium.Jellyfish Symphony Dome - Listen to a healing symphony which weaves mysterious jellyfish, fantastic lights, peaceful music, and elegantly floating jellyfish all together. Kujukushima Bay Large Aquarium - The Kujukushima Bay Large Aquarium contains 13,000 creatures (120 types), and it is possible to view these creatures just like you were walking in the sea.Kujukushima Dulphin Pool - At the Kujukushima dolphin pool visitors can watch its cute dolphins against the backdrop of Kujukushima."Sea King" shining in blue and green islands of the sea well is powerful in the sea of Kujuku-shima Islands and sails fast and the sea breeze is comfortable and touches the cheeks. In G.W and the summer vacation, it navigates it as adventure Cruise! A treasure hunt game and pleasant events are varied. Let's enjoy pirates feeling.Other places you will be visiting are Tenkaiho Observatory where you can overlook Saikai national park including Kujuku-shima (meaning ninety-nine islands in Japanese).

What we will see

• Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort • Kujukushima Aquarium “Umi-Kirara” • Spectacular jellyfish, fish of all kinds • Excursion on the Mirai pirate ship • Gobangai Shopping Center

What we will do

• A short transfer takes us to the Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort, a tourist destination that includes a series of sea-related attractions. • We visit the amazing Kujukushima Aquarium “Umi-Kirara” where we can observe a large variety of marine creatures who inhabit the surrounding seas. • We remain enchanted by the "Jellyfish Symphony Dome", one of the largest jellyfish exhibitions in Japan. We watch these fascinating creatures as they float illuminated by rays of sunlight to the sound of delicate music in the background. • Among a show of sea horses, crabs and dolphins, we reach the huge outdoor tank, home to 13,000 creatures of around 120 different species. The sun hits the surface and penetrates to the bottom creating the illusion of being underwater thereby revealing the underwater world in all its glory. • Afterwards, we go on a fun excursion onboard the Mirai pirate ship whose shape resembles the hat of a rogue buccaneer. • We sail to discover the Kujuku islands** dotted along the spectacular rugged coast and, through the large windows, admire landscapes of incredible beauty dominated by the emerald green of the lush vegetation that meets the cobalt blue of the sea and the light blue of the sky. • We end our tour with a stop at the Gobangai Shopping Center where we can buy some souvenirs.

What you need to know

• We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available. • Traffic jams are to be expected during tourist season. • We recommend having Japanese currency available as there are no exchange offices in the port.

English & other European tour guides are subject to availability.