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    La Coruña

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    Giro turistico, Kultur

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Let us not be dazzled by the light reflected on the windows and keep our eyes wide open because the "Crystal City" has many treasures in store for us to admire.

What we will see
  • Galerias
  • St. Anthony's Castle
  • Tower of Hercules
  • Town Hall and Plaza de Maria Pita

What we will do
  • After leaving the port, we head for the City's seafront to begin our scenic tour.
  • The galerias, buildings with huge glass façades which have earned La Coruna the nickname "City of Crystal", file past before our eyes . Indeed, in the past when the sea was closer to the city, the windows reflected the sun's rays on the water surface creating new, endlessly changing light effects.
  • We then admire St. Anthony's Castle; originally built as an island fortress, the castle is now an archaeological museum connected to the city by a strip of land.
  • The Tower of Hercules, the next stop on our journey, is the only lighthouse in the world built by the Romans that is still in use today. We stop in this enchanting place to capture the tower in our souvenir photos. This symbol of the city even figures on the La Coruña coat of arms with the bones of Geryon, a giant who, according to the legend, was killed by Hercules and is buried below the lighthouse.
  • Our journey on foot begins near the Town Hall, in Plaza de Maria Pita, one of the unmissable sights of the city. The square is named after the 16th century heroine who led the successful defence against an attempt to invade the city by the British Counter Armada commanded by Sir Francis Drake.
  • Before we return to the port there will be a little free time to spend in the historic centre with its many shops, bars and restaurants.

What you need to know

Space is limited, so please reserve early.