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In a nutshell A thrilling tour to fully grasp the essence of the Norwegian landscape and admire nature in all its majesty - as we sail among the islands of the archipelago and the fjords south of Bodø, our gaze is captured by the imposing Svartisen glacier near the Arctic Circle before seeing the Saltstraumen mälström later in the tour. An unforgettable experience!

Main stops
  • Catamaran ride among the amazing islands of the archipelago as far as Meløysund / Meløy. Nice narrow fjords and skjærgård.
  • Short walk to lake Svartisvalnet
  • Views of Svartisen, the “black glacier”
  • Possibility of walking closer to the glacier (time permitting)
  • Return to the catamaran and lunch
  • Mälström in the Saltstraumen strait

The programme
  • We set off from Bodø on a catamaran headed south. As we sail along the coast, we can admire the amazing island and islets forming the archipelago.
  • We venture into Melfjord, the lovely fjord in the Nordland county that is 33 km long and located right along the Arctic Circle.
  • Once at the end of the fjord, we disembark and go on a short walk to lake Svartisvalnet, which formed at the foothills of Svartisen as the ice melted.
  • From here, we can admire the famous Svartisen glacier, the deepest in continental Europe whose name literally means ”black glacier”. There are various hypotheses on the origin of its name, but the most popular concerns it colour though, rather than black, it actually presents blue hues.
  • Svartisen is the second largest glacier in Norway and it is made up of two parts - Vestre Svartisen (the western part) and Østre Svartisen (the eastern part). It is part of the Saltfjellet-Svartisen national park in Nordland.
  • After visiting the Svartisen, we head back to the catamaran where we are served a light lunch.
  • Before returning to the ship, we reach the Saltstraumen strait ten km from Bodø to admire the famous mälström, a unique natural phenomenon made up of a series of vortexes formed by the union of water currents at the beginning of Salstraumen fjord.
  • Every 6 hours, four times a day, over 400 million cubic metres of water flow through a passage that is 150 metres wide, 3 km long and 25 metres deep creating currents that reach a maximum speed of around 15 knots. The powerful whirlpool can reach a diameter of 10 metres and be 5 metres deep.
  • After this last experience, we return to the ship.

Good to know
  • Svartisen glacier is visible from a few hundred metres away. It is possible to go on a walking excursion closer to the glacier but it is not possible to walk on it for safety reasons.
  • The catamaran cannot enter Saltstraumen when the tide peaks. Should the arrival coincide with high tide, the mälström will be observed from a short distance away for safety reasons.