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A magnificent tour exploring the beautiful island of San Pietro, with its unspoiled nature, and the city of Carloforte, which combines different cultures and languages, where old traditions are a heritage to be conserved.

What we will see
  • Plain Cixerri and Porto Vesme
  • San Pietro Island: Capo Sandalo, the salt and tuna
  • Carloforte: local seafood tasting, old city, alleyways and promenade

What we will do
  • Our tour begins in Cagliari where we will spend an hour and a half crossing the splendid and fertile Cixerri Plain right up to Port Vesme, where we will hop on-board the ferry to the ’island of San Pietro.
  • After a journey of about 40 minutes we will arrive on the island, where we will set off on a sightseeing tour by coach stopping initially at the impressive Capo Sandalo, a magical cliff overlooking the sea, surmounted by the lighthouse of the same name and home to the pelican falcon, and then the salt pans, an extremely important natural, ecological and historical-cultural humid area, where flamingoes can be found in the summer.
  • The next stop will be at a tuna factory, where we can take a few photos.
  • After a short journey, we will arrive at Carloforte: we will briefly taste local fish-based products.
  • Carloforte is the main city on the island of San Pietro founded by the Ligurians who came from Pegli in 1736. The inhabitants still speak using the Ligurian dialect, whilst the local cuisine draws its influence from Tunisian cuisine, seeing as the Pegliesi lived on the island of Tabarka (on the Tunisian coast) before they founded Carloforte. The old part of the city is very interesting and the beaches are magnificent. Once upon a time, the local economy relied upon the tuna fish; tuna fishing takes place every June where tuna are caught.
  • After the tasting, we will visit the old city, the magnificent “alleyways” (Genoese style roads) and the intimate sea front.
  • We will have a little bit of free time for some shopping before taking the ferry back to Port Vesme and then heading back to Cagliari.

What you need to know
  • Places are limited, so please book early.
  • The order of the tour may vary, but the program will in all circumstances be respected.
  • To get to Carloforte we will travel by bus from Cagliari to the port.
  • The journey to Porto Vesme takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and the journey from Vesme Port to Carloforte takes about 40 minutes.