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    St. Maarten

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    Nature, Beach, Divertimento, Tasting

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Description An unforgettable tour of the island of Anguilla which will delight us with its magical views and the unspoilt, white beaches. The main event of the day is the face-to-face encounter with the dolphins which ends with a sweet kiss! We will finish off enjoying a snack before heading back.

What we will see
  • Island of Anguilla
  • Unspoilt beaches
  • Dolphin encounter: hand-shake and kisses
  • Snack

What we will do
  • We will set off on our journey for our destination and the adventure begins on-board: we will see spectacular views of the coast of St. Maarten with the blue surrounding sea.
  • Upon leaving St. Maarten, in front of us, we will see the island of Anguilla, given its name owing to its narrow and long shape which reminds of the fish of the same name (anguilla = eel).
  • Famous for its 32 beaches, Anguilla is aperfect tropical paradise where we can sunbathe and admire spectacular landscapes. During our trip, we will have the opportunity to relax on the beach and enjoy the marvellous charm this island has to offer, with the sea which blends into the blue horizon.
  • However, there is more to Anguilla than the beaches, an'incredible dolphin adventure awaits, the ocean's friendliest mammals!
  • After a brief information sessionwith the instructors, who will prepare us for our magical encounter with the dolphins, we will be ready to dip into the water and meet them.
  • We will discoverlots of interesting facts and information about the environment, the anatomy and physiology of these marvellous mammals.
  • We will hug the dolphins during our swim, we will enjoy a 'hand shake' and with the help of the instructors, we will learn how to observe their sensory organs.
  • The most emotional time comes when we receive a lovely kiss from our dolphin friend. 
  • We can hang onto the memories of this magical adventure, thanks to the photos taken by a professional photographer who will follow us, capturing the most beautiful moments.
  • Before returning to St. Maarten, we will refresh our minds with dreamy sea views, and restore our palates with a snack which we will be kindly offered.

What you need to know
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.
  • This excursion does not include a guide. The instructors will provide information in English.
  • The ferry journey takes approximately 1 hour.
  • The use of electronic devices is not permitted during the activity.
  • We recommend bringing a change of clothing and cash to buy photos and souvenirs.