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A single excursion to see two of Auckland’s symbols - the Sky Tower with its amazing panoramic view of the city and Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium, where we will discover the secrets of the southern seas and Antarctica.

What we will see
  • Sky Tower
  • Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium
  • Antarctic Ice Adventure
  • Aquarium tunnel
  • Seahorse Kingdom

What we will do
  • The first stop on our excursion is Auckland’s Sky Tower. The tower is 328 m tall and, as it is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere, it offers unparalleled views of the city. Glass lifts will take us to the observation platform, from where we can admire the entire city.
  • Our next stop is Kelly Tarlton's Aquarium, built in 1985 and designed by diver and underwater treasure hunter Kelly Tarlton.
  • Inside, we experience the Antarctic Ice Adventure, the only colony of Antarctic penguins in New Zealand. We have the unique chance to observe these magnificent birds up close and learn about their natural habitat.
  • We enter the accurate reconstruction of the Antarctic refuge Captain Robert Falcon Scott had during his unlucky expedition to the South Pole in 1912, where authentic items reconstruct what life was like 100 years ago on the coldest place on Earth.
  • We then venture into the large plexiglass tunnel with its mobile walkway, the first of its kind in the world, which offers a 180° view of the varied sea life as well as different species of shark.
  • We finally explore Seahorse Kingdom, where countless sea horses swim around gracefully and where we have the chance to admire the only specimens of solegnatino spinosissimus on display to visitors from all over the world.

What you need to know