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Description Our excursion retraces the history of the city of Syracuse, one of the biggest cities in ancient times.

What we will see
  • Neapolis Archaeological Park
  • Latomia del Paradiso
  • Ortigia island
  • Temple of Apollo
  • Temple of Athena
  • Fountain of Arethusa

What we will do
  • We leave the port behind us and head to the Neapolis Archaeological Park to visit the Latomia del Paradiso (stone quarries) made up of the Altar of Hieron, the famous Ear of Dionysius, i.e. an artificial cave with a peculiar natural echo, the Greek Theater and the Roman Amphitheater. We then move on to Ortigia Island, the oldest part of the city boasting the remains of the earliest Greek constructions.
  • From the car park, we start our walking tour that takes us to the Temple of Apollo, one of the oldest examples of Doric peristyle still in existence, the Temple of Athena, now part of the Cathedral, and the Fountain of Arethusa, a freshwater spring described in antiquity by Pindar and Virgil.
  • We then make our way back to the port.

What you need to know
  • In order to safeguard the health of our guests and in compliance with safety regulations, the itinerary and length of the excursions may be subject to slight modifications.
  • As this excursion is conducted mainly on foot, you are advised to wear comfortable shoes.
  • This is an afternoon excursion.