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    St. Denis – Le Port

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We will head to the seaside resort of Saint Leu to see the local sights and stop at some typical arts and crafts shops for some shopping. We will also visit a sea turtle sanctuary where we will learn more about these extraordinary reptiles.

What we will see

  • Saint Leu 
  • Tour of the historic centre 
  • Shopping in arts and crafts shops 
  • Sea turtle observatory

What we will do
  • We will leave the port and head to the west coast of the island and the town of Saint Leu, a quaint seaside resort with a beautiful beach that lies in the shade of casuarina trees, and is a famous spot for outdoor sports.
  • We will explore the historic centre, which unfolds along the Indian Ocean. Here we can admire the old East India Company buildings and discover fascinating facts about the history of the island, such as the slave revolt or the English invasion.
  • We will seize the opportunity to browse some of Saint Leu's typical arts and craft shops, where we can find the perfect souvenir to take home.
  • After visiting the town, we will head to Kélonia sea turtle observatory, dedicated to protecting and reproducing these animals that populate the Indian Ocean and are at risk of extinction.
  • With our guide, we will get to know the turtles in a very similar setting to their natural habitat. The park spans 500 m² and contains a number of pools that are home to over 60 species of turtles.
  • As we explore the park, we will come across several interactive points showing interesting videos that will tell us more about the life of sea turtles in an innovative and entertaining way.
  • After our visit, we will return to the ship for lunch.

What you need to know