Sasebo visit Japanese porcelain Village&foot bath (with meal)

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    Panorama, Nature, Meal included

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After departing Sasebo Port.First, you will go to Arita porcelain Village.Arita is the cradle of Japanese porcelain manufacturing. High quality porcelains were manufactured as specialty items of the Nabeshima clan.They were perfected during its 400-year history.Here had an influence on the world of porcelain as well as appealing to European royalty since the 17th century.Inside the palace artwork which was exported at the end of the Edo period and until the beginning of the Meiji period (19th Century) are on display. Also situated on the park grounds are other amenities including a studio where visitors can have tours of a refined sake, shochu (Japanese liquor similar to vodka) and beer factory, and taste testing sake.This time we will visit the The Munemasa Shuzo.

There is also an eating and drinking facility serving in the Village, and is where one can spend a relaxing day.You will have lunch here.

Next, you will go to Ureshino Onsen Area.Ureshino Onsen is known as one of Japan's top three "Bihada-no-yu" (hot springs with skin-beautifying properties), making it a popular hot spring destination among women. The luxurious quality of the natural hot spring water at Ureshino Onsen leaves skin feeling soft and supple. Nestled in the spa town that runs along the Ureshino river.This time you will go to Ashiyu (foot baths).Ashiyu is a foot bath where you can soak your feet in hot spring pools. There are foot baths here in Ureshino Hot Spring Area. But here is the thing. Ureshino Hot Spring Area gives you a unique foot bath experience. Let’s take a look at what you can experience here.

The next place is Sasebo Gobangai(5th Avenue) which is a 10-minute walk from Sasebo Station.With 83 shops in total, the shopping area faces the ocean. In the area is hamburger shop, Fukusaya(Japanese traditional cake shop), castella shop, as well as Kyushu's specialty snack shop. In addition to shopping, there are also restaurants and cafes where tourists can enjoy delicious dishes and drinks by the ocean view.

Enjoy your trip in Sasebo!