Sasebo Hirado Castle Sightseeing & Groumet (with meal)

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    Panorama, Nature, Meal included

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After departing Sasebo Port.First, you will go to visit The Hirado Ohashi(Bridge) which first constructed in 1977 is a large red suspension bridge that connects Hirado Island to the mainland Kyushu Island over the Hirado Strait. The bridge is reminiscent of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. The bridge is part of the National Highway number 303 and thus collects a toll. The bridge is made from steel, and a good place to view the structure in contrast to the sea and sky is the Hirado Ohashi Bridge Park located on the Hirado Island side.

Cross the bridge, you will go to the Kameoka-Park. It is a park centered around Hirato Castle (Kameoka Castle). In particular, the cherry blossoms in Kameoka Shrine located in the outer citadel are beautiful. About 900 Yoshino cherry trees are planted.Also, 2,000 Hirado Azaleas are planted.

Next,you will go in to the Hirato Castle.Hideyoshi Toyotomi’s successful conquest of Kyushu Island,constructed Hirado Castle in 1599. After fighting on the losing side during the Battle of Sekigahara, Matsura burnt down the castle himself in 1613 as an act of loyalty to victorious side. Because of this he was able to keep his domain of Hirado during the new Tokugawa government. The castle was reconstructed in 1718 during the seclusionist policies imposed during the Edo Period, but was dismantled after the Meiji Restoration in 1868. The current castle is a concrete reconstruction built in the 1960’s and features a museum with exhibits detailing the history of the area, the castle and the Matsura Clan. On the top floor of the keep is a viewing platform which looks down on the seaside port of Hirado.

Next,you will go to lunch at Kujukushima Pearl Sea Resort Area.Kujukushima literally means 99 islands and that refers to many islands off the coasts of Sasebo in NW Nagasaki Prefecture.You would have a nice lunch time here with looking foward the ocean view.

Enjoy your trip in Sasebo!