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In a nutshell

We will cross the boundary of the modern world and go back in time to ancient Pompeii on a guided excursion for young and old to relive the splendour and wonders of two thousand years ago on an engaging journey where history comes to life.

Main stops
  • Archaeological ruins of Pompeii
  • Amphitheatre
  • Garden of the Fugitives
  • House of the Ship Europa
  • Via dell'Abbondanza
  • Pompeii-style snack for the kids
  • Suburban baths and Forum

The programme
  • Our journey back in time starts at the gates to the archaeological ruins of Pompeii, where we will give the attendant the coin that entitles us to officially enter antiquity.
  • We will meet our guide and visit the amphitheatre, with its perfectly designed oval shape and many terraces where we can imagine the audience sitting and watching a gladiator show.
  • Our guide will take us around the majestic ruins to the Garden of the Fugitives, where many victims of the eruption were found, caught in the volcano's fury as they tried to escape from the city.
  • We will enter the House of the Ship Europa, with rooms that open out onto the peristyle and many clearly rustic spaces, and we will walk along the Decumanus Maximus and Via dell'Abbondanza, still richly decorated and therefore one of the most vibrant routes on the tour of the ruins. Along this street we can see many of the most beautiful houses that belonged to the rich bourgeoisie of Pompeii, some of which have two floors.
  • We will have a break from exploring with a Pompeii-style snack for the kids, who will have the chance to try spelt bread and honey and pomegranate based desserts, typical in ancient Pompeii.
  • Our journey through time will continue to the Suburban Baths, sumptuously decorated and located on a picturesque artificial terrace overlooking the sea. Then we will reach the Forum, which was the political and economic hub of the city, where we will conclude our adventure, thanking our guide and returning home with such wonderful memories.

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