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In a nutshell

We will delve into the past and retrace the steps of the age-old conflict between Scotland and England. We will discover the origins of Scottish nationalism, visit the scene of epic battles and listen to stories of legendary heroes that have left their mark on the country's history.

Main stops

  • Stirling
  • Stirling Castle
  • Stirling Bridge
  • National Wallace Monument
  • Bannockburn
  • Bannockburn Heritage Centre

The programme

  • The first stop on our trip is the city of Stirling with its strategically important location in the middle of Scotland.
  • Stirling has a long, fascinating past under the rule of Scottish sovereign bloodlines and it was the backdrop for some of the most important events in the region's history including two epic battles which saw the Scots defeat the English.
  • We will visit the majestic Stirling Castle, one of the biggest and most imposing in Scotland and a favourite residence of the Stuart Kings. Built on the top of a hill, nestled above a cliff, it offers spectacular views of the surrounding area.
  • We will visit the castle's rooms, which have been renovated and furnished to allow visitors to immerse themselves in the atmospheres of times gone by; even the smells and sounds of life there have been recreated for a truly authentic experience.
  • After the visit, we will get back to our tour and head to the north of the city where we will cross Stirling Bridge. Here, the Scottish hero and patriot William Wallace defeated the English in a battle that would go down in Scottish history.
  • Further north, we will see the National Wallace Monument, a tall stone tower that rises up from the fields where Wallace led his troops to victory. The monument tells the story of the hero, eventually betrayed by a Scottish nobleman and hanged in London as punishment for his revolt.
  • We will double back to the south and head to Bannockburn, the scene of the battle in which Robert Bruce's Scotsmen defeated Edward II's troops in 1314, gaining their independence from England.  
  • The Bannockburn Heritage Centre commemorates the armed clash with an audiovisual presentation on the battle, revealing the innovative tactics adopted by the Scottish commander, while outside there is statue of the hero on horseback.