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Description An intriguing melting pot of Irish and British, Catholic and Protestant, conservative and rebellious features that combine the elegant architecture of the distant past with modern elements: Belfast is all of this. A city ready to be discovered comfortably seated on a coach in the company of a guide that illustrates all of its main sights with stops for photos.

What we will see
  • Oriental-style Grand Opera House
  • Gothic-style Queen’s University
  • Shankill Road and Falls Road: Protestant and Catholic murals
  • Majestic Belfast castle
  • Stop for photos at the Harland & Wolff shipyard
  • Stormont, the imposing Northern Irish Parliament

What we will do
  • We get on a coach and head towards the city centre to venture on an interesting sightseeing tour of Belfast, the capital city of Northern Ireland.
  • Once in the city centre, we admire the Grand Opera House, considered the best example of Eastern style applied to theatrical architecture with its onion-shaped domes and elaborate pediment.
  • We drive along the streets observing the multiple examples of Victorian and early-20th-century architecture provided by palaces with richly-decorated doors and windows, statues and busts of Kings and Queens and working-class brick homes.
  • We drive by Queen’s University with its Gothic façade and imposing gate and arrive at the botanical gardens, where we have some free time available to stroll around the tree-lined paths and see the gigantic iron and glass greenhouse which is a work of art onto itself.
  • Once back on our coach, we drive along the Protestant Shankill Road and the Catholic Falls Road, scene of the troubles that torn the city apart since the 1960s and where we can still admire the large murals with which the factions declared their loyalty and political beliefs.
  • We cannot miss to spot the imposing Belfast Castle, symbol of the city and built during the second half of the 19th century in the Scottish Baronial style. It is surrounded by amazing gardens degrading along the gentle hill slopes.
  • We head back to the port to make a few photos of the Harland & Wolff shipyard where the Titanic was built and from where it set off for its unfortunate maiden voyage.
  • Our last stop is Stormont, where we can take a few pictures of the imposing Northern Irish Parliament built in the Neoclassical style at the top of an evocative hill surrounded by green lawns.

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