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In a nutshell A visit to the multi-award winning Beamish Open-Air Museum to discover how the people in north-east England lived and worked in Victorian times. A true journey through history among reconstructed buildings, railway stations with steam trains, shops and emporiums, coal mines and farms and many characters in period costume: a return to the glorious past between the XIX and XX centuries - not to be missed!

Main stops
  • Beamish Open Air Museum: reconstruction of the typical Victorian lifestyle
  • Reconstructed buildings, galleries, emporiums and period artefacts
  • Characters in period costumes
  • Various attractions: miners’ village, steam train, railway station from 1825
  • Farm, Pockerley Manor,confectionery factory, dental practice

The programme
  • We leave Newcastle behind us on a 45-minute transfer to the village of Beamish and the famous Beamish Open Air Museum, opened in 1970 and reproducing the life and work of people living in northern England during the Victorian era between the early XIX and early XX centuries. 
  • The small town that appears before our eyes was recreated exactly to reproduce a city of 1913 with a wide range of reconstructed buildings and galleries, emporiums and period artefacts
  • In addition to the architecture and buildings, the Beamish Museum also features horse carriages and characters in period costume taking us back to times past until we almost forget we live in the XXI century. 
  • We can move at leisure to visit this open-air museum with a lot of free time available to discover the numerous attractions: we can enjoy a guided tour of the Colliery Village, the miners’ village located next to a coal mine or go for a ride on the picturesque steam train departing from Pockerley Waggonway, a 1825 railway station taken from a village located on the mountains of county Durham 25 km from Beamish. 
  • In addition to the railway station, the period farm and Pockerley Manor, inspired by a fortified manor house built in Medieval times, also deserve a visit. 
  • Surrounded by this atmosphere of days gone by, we wander around the shops and emporiums and can even observe sweets being made in the old confectionery factory and pay a visit to a typical dental practice to learn more about the tools of the trade.

Good to know
  • There is limited availability of Italian speaking guides; if none are available, the excursion will be conducted in English.
  • At Beamish, the guides will provide information about the museum and how to navigate it without them. Guests will therefore be able to visit it on their own