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In a nutshell An incredible journey on another planet, among landscapes that could almost be “Martian”: impressive stretches of solidified lava and volcanic cones with spectacular shades of colour, such as the bright red of the Montaña Colorada, provide the backdrop for an unforgettable hiking excursion in the company of expert guides, who make the discovery even more compelling with every step.

Main stops
  • Timanfaya National Park: an expanse of volcanoes and lava deserts
  • Hike on the summit of the Caldera de Los Cuervos
  • Walk to the volcanic cone of the Montaña Colorada
  • Walk around the caldera
  • Stop at the park visitors centre
  • Exhibition about volcanoes and the simulation of an eruption

The programme
  • We leave the port by coach for the spectacular Timanfaya National Park, a huge expanse of volcanic cones and solidified lava that covers an area of over 50 km², created thanks to a gigantic eruption that lasted for as many as 6 years, from 1730 to 1736.
  • After arriving in this incredible setting, we will admire scenery that is almost out of this world, quite different from the other landscapes on the island, where the exotic subtropical nature of Lanzarote exerts its lush charm.
  • In the company of professional guides, we will reach the path that leads to the top of the Caldera de Los Cuervos: the track takes us into a sea of solidified lava, climbing up to the entrance to the caldera with its steep, dark edges, home to a small desert valley, brought to life only by the odd daring bush.
  • A short trip takes us to the Montaña Colorada, the last volcanic cone that came up during the 18th-century eruption that owes its name to the reddish colour of its eastern slope, a beautiful carmine that comes to life whenever the sun peeps through the clouds.
  • As our guides continue to provide us with plenty of interesting information about the area’s geological and volcanic phenomena, we will follow the path that runs around the volcano until we see, right in front of the most spectacular slope, a colossal volcanic bomb: a globe of molten rock expelled during the eruption, apparently one of the largest in the Canaries.
  • Finally, we continue to the park visitors centre, where we will see an interesting explanatory exhibition about Lanzarote and its volcanoes and experience the excitement of attending a simulated eruption, with light and sound effects that reproduce the experience of finding oneself prey to the enormous forces of nature.

Good to know
  • This excursion does not include a guide. Information in English or Spanish will be provided by a local escort during the trip.
  • The walking route is fairly easy, with low gradients (max. 50 metres); only the ascent to the crater is considered medium in terms of its degree of difficulty.
  • Length of the walking trail: 5 km.
  • Inside the park, the weather is generally cold and windy until noon.
  • Minimum age: 6 years.