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Mysterious legends, picturesque tales, intriguing stories and arcane secrets: this phantasmagorical tour takes us in the footsteps of ghost sightings in the labyrinthine historic centre of Genoa, where the spirits are waiting for us…ready to give us shivers!

What we will see

  • Boat transfer to the Old Port
  • Ghost tour in the historic centre: the Stradella ghost, the old lady of Vico dei Librai, the child of Via Luccoli and well-wishing spirits, the disturbing ghost of Branca Doria and many other spirits 
  • Ice-cream in the Old Port

What we will do

  • We board a boat to reach the Old Port area with its enchanting tourist harbour. From here, we being a thrilling walking tour to discover the mysteries of Genoa.
  • We walk through the alleyways known as ”caruggi” in the historic city centre where many ghostly sightings*have taken place over the centuries due to popular belief or often tragic historic events.
  • In front of the San Pietro in Banchi church, raised from the square, we learn about the ghost of Stradella, a 17th-century composer murdered on the steps leading to the entrance: on certain nights you can here heart-wrenching music, a sort of musical lament from the troubled composer.
  • The area of Porta Sapana is said to be haunted by the ghost of the old lady of Vico dei Librai, who kindly asks passers-by for directions to her home in Vico dei Librai, but the road no longer exists!
  • The child of Via Luccoli is among the most ancient sightings in the city centre and shows himself to people who are sad or in a bad mood: sacrificed over a thousand years ago during a pagan ritual, he smiles and disappears bringing peace and relief to those who see him. Well-wishing spirits often appear along the same road, mysterious sightings that have multiplied over the centuries.
  • And what about the ghost of Branca Doria, whose 13th-century palace is located near the Church of San Matteo? Numerous witnesses swear that they have seen her ghost walking through the colonnade or crossing the square with bloody hands as she disappears behind the church.
  • In the dark alleyways where the sun rarely shines, there are many other spirits with the most varied stories: the veiled lady sobbing at the window or the voices of the soldiers on patrol along the Barbarossa walls. Genoa truly holds a legend for each street!
  • We end our tour on a lighter tastier note: an excellent ice-cream in the port area before getting back to our ship by boat.