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Description A thrilling experience in Palermo’s most evocative locations - from the picturesque alleyways in the city centre to lush Villa Giulia - according to the “Nordic Walking” philosophy which combines wellness, urban tourism and harmony with nature. We grab our Nordic Walking sticks and get ready to enjoy this unforgettable adventure!

What we will see
  • Palermo’s city centre
  • Vucciria market
  • Genius of Palermo statue
  • Quattro Canti and Palazzo Pretorio
  • Church of Saint Catherine
  • The monumental Praetorian Fountain
  • Eastern-style Kalsa district
  • Amazing Vila Giulia gardens (free time)
  • Foro Italico and La Cala

What we will do
  • We leave the port behind us on foot to explore Palermo with a light sporting activity: the so-called Nordic walking, which uses special walking sticks to which force must be applied with every step.
  • We walk around the city streets taking in the most picturesque corners on an itinerary that allows us to discover fascinating tales on the numerous patron saints and protective deities of Palermo,where the population has established a strong spiritual connection with the pagan and Christian spirituality from time immemorial.
  • We venture around the colourful stalls in Vucciria, the oldest and most popular market in Palermo selling fresh fish, fruit and vegetables in a maze of squares and alleyways.
  • We walk by the marble statue depicting the Genius of Palermo, an ancient patron deity of the city of Pre-Roman origin, and continue as far as the Quattro Canti or piazza Villena with its perfectly octagonal shape in an amazing Baroque style.
  • We then admire the nearby Palazzo Pretorio overlooking the square of the same name and one of the symbols of the city, and visit the Church of Saint Catherine with its amazing Late Renaissance façade.
  • We stop off briefly near the monumental Praetorian Fountain made up of two concentric rings surmounted by staircases with a profusion of statues depicting pagan deities from Greek and Roman mythology.
  • We continue our invigorating walk by exploring the Kalsa district along busy crowded roads where we breathe in a unique Eastern atmosphere thanks to the Arab-Norman monuments and venture into the lovely Villa Giulia gardens, where we can admire another sculpture depicting the Genius of Palermo surrounded by a succession of tree-lined avenues, bridges, hills and ponds.
  • After a short stop at Villa Giulia, we make our way back passing by the Foro Italico, a large green seafront area, and walk along La Cala, a waterfront area that used to be the oldest port in Palermo, as far as our ship.

What you need to know
  • This excursion is not recommended for guests with limited mobility.
  • All participants will be handed a Nordic Walking stick.
  • Minimum age: 12 years.
  • Minimum height: 150 cm.
  • Sports shoes are recommended, preferably with cleats.
  • We recommend you to bring a bottle of water