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In a nutshell A fun walk to discover the gems and mysteries of Tallinn, a magnificent Medieval city with an irresistible charm consisting of ancient legends, alleged ghosts, majestic palaces and picturesque views to end with a fun marzipan workshop for adults and children: our creation will become the perfect souvenir to take home!

Main stops
  • Tallinn old city
  • Stroll around the city centre
  • St. Nicholas' Church
  • Raekoja square, City Hall, Raeapteek
  • Marzipan workshop
  • Marzipan creation
  • St Catherine's Passage: artisan workshops

The programme
  • A coach takes us to Tallinn’s old city as the imposing outline of the Medieval castle with its fairy-tale towers appears before our eyes.
  • We get off the coach in Tallinn's Lower Part, on the banks of the ancient moat which offers a lovely view of the Toompea hill where the ancient heart of the Estonian capital is perched.
  • We venture on foot to the heart of the historic city centre where we can admire some of the city’s hidden gems such as a charming building believed to be haunted and the setting of mysterious legends.
  • We continue our pleasant walk by admiring the exterior of St. Nicholas' Church dating back to the 13th century. Originally a fortress, it is now also a museum or religious art as well as an auditorium.
  • We thus reach Raekoja square with its 14th-century Gothic City Hall and Raeapteek, the oldest pharmacy in the Baltic area that has been functioning uninterruptedly since 1422.
  • After this adventurous walk, we enjoy a fun break in a marzipan workshop. The guide explains that Tallinn was the first European city to produce marzipan centuries ago, first as a medicinal product and then as a delicacy.
  • We are given a piece of marzipan to model in whatever shape we like: an animal, fruit or whatever takes our fancy. Children love to make a mess, and adults are just the same!
  • After creating our masterpiece, we liven it up withfood colourings to make it even more beautiful. Before leaving the workshop, we are handed our marzipan to take home with us.
  • Afterwards, we continue our walking tour by crossing the lovely St Catherine's Passage, a narrow alleyway surmounted by arches boasting many traditional artisan shops selling glass objects, hats, down, pottery, jewellery and hand-painted silk. 
  • We have some free time here to browse before returning to the ship.

Good to know
  • Space is limited, so please reserve early.