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    Sightseen, Designed for families, My Explorations, Passepartour, Less than 1 hour walking, Family friendly, 51

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In a nutshell A guided walking tour of a farm estate in Saint Vincent to find out more about its activities and which local products this part of the Caribbean offers its inhabitants - tropical fruit, vegetables, spices and medicinal plants. This and much more in an excursion with an authentic flavour surrounded by a relaxed welcoming atmosphere.

Main stops
  • Guided walking tour of a farm estate in Saint Vincent
  • Agricultural practices and harvesting equipment
  • Tropical fruit, seasonal vegetables, tubers, spices, medicinal plants
  • Tasting session of fresh products, fruit drinks and coconut milk

The programme
  • The main source of income for the island of Saint Vincent is agriculture and, with this excursion, we get the chance to see and touch the local products that this land offers its inhabitants.
  • After leaving the port, we head to one of the farm estates in Saint Vincent surrounded by lush vegetation to discover its agricultural production and growing practices and have a taste of the local products.
  • We start a guided walking tour of the estate and notice that the agricultural practices are performed mainly in the hill area fully respecting the environment and using tools such as machetes and hoes.
  • Surrounded by a relaxing, welcoming and fun atmosphere, we discover various tropical fruit crops such as bananas, mangoes, pineapples, papayas, guavas, breadfruit as well as seasonal vegetables including shallot, callaloo, pak choi, carrots, Savoy cabbage, various types of tubers such as taro, sweet potatoes and a few spices including ginger, turmeric, pepper, pimento and medicinal plants like lemongrass, moringa, mint and aloe vera.
  • After the tour, we are offered the chance to try a few fresh seasonal products and sip a fruit drink or some refreshing coconut milk surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Good to know
  • There is only a limited number of guides available.