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Description An enchanting tour to get to know the beauty and peculiarities of the Sanctuary of Truth, the largest temple in the world, where every space is dedicated to the celebration of Buddhism and Hinduism via depictions created by expert engravers who have contributed to making this place spectacular for generations. Finally, the windows and restaurants of one of the main shopping malls in Pattaya ends this “tour between the sacred and the profane”.

What we will see
  • Marvellous Sanctuary of Truth in Pattaya, between religious symbolism and breathtaking architecture
  • Shopping in one of Pattaya’s main shopping malls

What we will do
  • We leave the port by coach and head for the magnificent and imposing Sanctuary of Truth, a journey that takes about one hour.
  • The temple is the largest wooden shrine in the world and, with a height of 105 metres it is visible from far away. In addition, its position overlooking the sea contributes to making the atmosphere even more spiritual. The temple was strongly desired by millionaire philosopher Thail Khun Lek Viriyaphan to celebrate Buddhism and Hinduism as well as the Thai, Chinese, Cambodian and Indian mythologies. Its construction began in the 1980s and continues to this day involving many engravers from Thailand and nearby countries.
  • The four imposing outer spires are truly striking. They face the four points of the compass and symbolize religion, life, immortal philosophy and peace through the wooden representations at the top of each spire: A lotus flower, the ages of life, a book and a perched pigeon. Each structural element, from the columns to the walls, is made of wood from the Thai forests in varying shades of brown skilfully processed and assembled without using nails or other fixtures.
  • The interior is an incredible succession of wooden statues and decorations sharing a deep symbolism based on the seven creator elements: sky, soil, Father, Mother, moon, sun and stars. As we move around the sanctuary, we also see the accurate and meticulous work of engravers who contribute to making this “endless sanctuary” even more spectacular.
  • After the visit, we leave the mystical atmosphere of the sanctuary behind us and drive on to one of the city's main shopping malls, where we have one hour and thirty minutes available to enjoy a spot of shopping among luxury boutiques and souvenir shops or to have a savour Thai specialities in one of the busy restaurants.
  • When our free time is over, we get back to the coach for a one hour transfer to the port.

What you need to know
  • All temple visitors must wear a helmet.
  • Do not forget to wear a hat, sunglasses, sun cream and comfortable shoes.
  • Accessing the sanctuary involves walking up stairs.