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Description An exceptional panoramic tour of the Nordfjord, the sixth longest fjord in Norway, to discover the beauty of this typical Norwegian scenery among giant mountains, amazing waterfalls, deep lakes and glistening glaciers with stops along the way to admire and capture the marvellous spectacle of nature on camera.

What we will see
  • Spectacular views of the Nordfjord, the sixth longest in Norway
  • Stops for photos at the Kvalen and Nos viewpoints
  • Hornindal lake surrounded by mountains

What we will do
  • Leaving the port of Nordfjordeid behind us, we begin to explore the Nordfjord which, at 106 km long, is the sixth longest fjord in Norway. The northern bank is characterised by low mountains, most of which are less than 1000 metres high. The southern bank, however, is surrounded by higher peak measuring generally 1500 metres asl and covered in glaciers.
  • Along the way, a unique spectacle appears before our eyes: spectacular views of gigantic mountains, amazing waterfalls and glistening glaciers alternate in a unique spectacle as far as the Kvalen and Nos viewpoints 500 metres asl where we stop to take a few pictures and admire the incredible natural scenery.
  • We proceed with our tour and, before arriving at the end of the Nordfjord, we turn left to venture inland and reach the Hornindal lake, surrounded by amazing snowy peaks. With a depth of 514 metres, it is the deepest lake in Europe. *We continue along its shores to admire this enchanting Norwegian landscape, then return to Nordfjordeid and to our ship.

What you need to know
  • There is limited availability of Italian speaking guides; if none are available, the excursion will be conducted in English.