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In a nutshell

The lava that tragically destroyed Pompei froze a moment in history. To visit this place is equivalent to real time travel.

Main stops
  • Porta Marina
  • Forum
  • Temple of Jupiter
  • Basilica
  • Street of Abundance
  • House of the Ancient Hunt
  • House of the Faun

The programme
  • We leave the port of Naples and head for a classical destination of great historic interest: Pompei. A few years after being damaged by a violent earthquake, this ancient city of Oscan origin was completely buried under rocks and ash during the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius in 79 AD. Excavations of this world-famous site, which started in the 18th century, and were resumed in the last century, brought to light finds of inestimable value that have left a profound impression on millions of visitors.
  • Our excursion starts at Porta Marina, through which we access the Forum, the centre of political and economic life of the city. The area is dominated by the Roman Temple of Jupiter, built around the year 250 BC in honour of the god Jupiter, and the Basilica, the most imposing public building in Pompei, which was used both as a court of law and a place for conducting business transactions. It was built between the years 130 and 120 BC.
  • We then go along the Street of Abundance, Pompeii's lower decumanus (east-west oriented road in a Roman city). The name originates from an ornamental bas-relief on a fountain located in the initial stretch of the road near the Forum. It is still richly decorated and, as such, offers the most interesting route for our visit to the excavations. Along this street we can see many of the most beautiful houses that belonged to the rich bourgeoisie of Pompeii, some of which have two floors.
  • Indeed, from here we come to the  House of the Ancient Hunt, which dates to the mid 2nd century BC. The sophisticated, and well-preserved frescoes and the typical 'atrium' plan leave no doubt about the elevated social status of the owner. We also visit the House of the Faun * a private noble dwelling of considerable dimensions (3000 square metres) that owes its name to a bronze statue in the centre of the impluvium * and the Thermal Baths.

Good to know
  • In order to guarantee the health of our guests, in compliance with the regulations and the respect of the safety protocol, the itineraries and the duration of the excursions may be subject to changes, even if not substantial.
  • The visit to the archaeological excavations involves walking for approximately 2 hours.
  • It is recommended that you wear comfortable shoes for the tour of the excavations.