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In a nutshell

A hike for everyone to discover Vesuvius, you will see the 1944 lava flow to the edge of the Great Cone, accompanied by a volcanologist guide. A 'Vesuvian snack' will introduce you to the typical flavors of the region and restore your energy for the walk.

Main stops
  • Vesuvius, the lava trail and the Great Cone
  • The colors of Mediterranean vegetation and view of the Bay of Naples
  • A traditional Vesuvian snack

The programme
  • Go up the edge of Vesuvius up to an altitude of about 1000 meters, where the Gran Cono path begins. You will experience the unique thrill of walking on top of an active volcano. After a steep climb, the whole gulf of Naples is in front of your eyes.
  • Here the volcanological guide will tell you the story of the crater and the eruptions.
  • It's time to go down to take path number 9. On the slopes of Vesuvius, surrounded by a deciduous and broom forest, you will see the pumice of the eruption that destroyed Pompeii and Herculaneum. All your journey will be on a soft and very fine volcanic dust. You will be surrounded by the colors of the Mediterranean scrub and will reach the “river of lava”, with its typical gray-silver color. From a rocky outcrop your gaze will admire Naples and the gulf.
  • You will finish your experience with a Vesuvian snack.

Good to know
  • Path no. 9 is called the “River of Lava” and is 1,039 meters long, while the “Great Cone” path around 3 km long.
  • Maximum altitude reached: 568 meters above sea level for the River of Lava path and 1170 meters above sea level for the Great Cone crater.
  • The tour may be canceled in bad weather.
  • This is one of the most popular excursions so book early.
  • Menus may vary according to season in order to ensure the constant high quality of the dishes served.