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In a nutshell

Be sure your battery is charged an you have space to store pictures. You will need them to create your gallery of Cartagena sitting comfortably on the train: from the Roman amphitheater to the forum, from the arsenal to the arena for the bullfights. Along the coast, the Muralla del mar, the port and the Cala Cortina await you. 

Main stops
  • Military arsenal, Roman forum, arena, the Roman amphitheater
  • Muralla del mar, Cala Cortina

The programme
  • Cartagena was founded by the Carthaginians, but over the centuries came Romans, Byzantines and Arabs, before it was conquered by the Crown of Castiglia: prepare to discover its monuments and symbolic locations in the company of a local guide, on board of a touristic train.
  • You will see the Eighteenth century military arsenal and the Roman theater: our guide will explain that it was discovered purely by chance in 1988, that is could hold up to 6,000 people and it was the second largest on the Iberian peninsula. In the forum it is possible to distinguish the ancient roads and the temple, public buildings and thermal baths.
  • The arena was built on the ruins of the Roman amphitheater and in addition to the bullfights it held musical performances and wrestling.
  • The train will pass along the Muralla del mar, the walls that defended Cartagena.
  • The port is where you will find the Spanish Navy’s fleet of submarines, while Cala Cortina is the beach that is most popular with the inhabitants of Cartagena: here you will stop precisely for some of the best pictures.

Good to know
  • To protect your health, in respect of the legislative requirements and safety protocol, the itineraries and the duration of the excursions may be subject to slight modifications.
  • You will be accompanied by a guide who will carry out the tour in English.