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In a nutshell

Explore Cartagena on foot with our guide. Starting from the sea, you will explore the heart of the city. You will travel along an ancient decuman, in the discovery of Roman Carthago Nova, and then Calle Mayor, with its modernist-style buildings. At the end of the tour, you will discover what ”cordiales” are and why a ”Asiático coffee” warms more than a normal coffee.

Main stops
  • Faro de Cabo de Palos, Manga del Mar Menor
  • Calle Mayor de Cartagena
  • Typical break with Asiático coffee and cordiales

The programme
  • Cartagena is in a strategic position, it is not by chance that all the great civilizations of the Mediterranean vied for it. An example? On Concepción Hill stood a Roman temple dedicated to Esculapio, then an Arab fortress and then the medieval castle you see now.
  • Travel along the Muralla del Mar, which defended the city against attacks from the sea, and delve into the historic center together with the guide. In the calle Mayor, the main street of Cartagena, you will see stores, traditional cafés and modernist buildings. One of the many? The Gran Hotel, with decorations in stone and iron that resemble lace and a gracious zinc dome.
  • Try to imagine what it was like to live in the Roman Hispania strolling through what is left of the thermal baths, of the the building that held the senate and of the temple dedicated to the Egyptian goddess, Isis.
  • After so much culture, it’s time for a break. Are you ready to taste two typical winter delicacies of the area? The “Asiático coffee is waiting for you: lightly alcoholic and with a flavor spiced with cinnamon, strictly served very hot in a characteristic glass.
  • According to legend, the sailors who arrived from Asia ordered, upon their arrival in Cartagena, a coffee with condensed milk and a splash of brandy. This is where it gets its name.
  • Today, instead of the brandy, Licor 43 is used, a Spanish liquor of a bright yellow color made of 43 different ingredients. All accompanied by the “cordiales”, the Christmas cookies made with almonds.
  • We bet that after you will be in just the right mood to explore the city center freely, before returning to the ship.

Good to know
  • To protect your health, in respect of the legislative requirements and safety protocol, the itineraries and the duration of the excursions may be subject to slight modifications.