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Description Discover the unique atmosphere of history, art and magic in the heart of Provence: from arles, the city of ancient Roman origins with the light and colours that inspired van Gogh's most famous paintings, to Saint-Rémy, a town forever associated with the controversial and enigmatic figure of Nostradamus.

What we will see
  • Arles: the historic centre, Roman amphitheatre 'Les Arènes' (external visit), Cathedral of Saint Trophime
  • Saint Rémy: House of Nostradamus (external visit), Church of Saint Martin and Renaissance buildings

What we will do
  • We set off from the port of Marseille, accompanied by a local guide, and follow the motorway deep into the heart of Provence, a region that is as charming as it is rich in history. We travel first to Arles, a city that is full of reminders of its rich history. Arles can trace its origins back to the ancient Celts, subsequently conquered by the Gauls and then the Romans. It was a centre of political and economic power even in the Medieval period.
  • We explore Arles on foot, with a pleasant stroll through the historic centre, where we can admire some of the city's main landmarks, from the ancient Roman amphitheatre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known locally as 'Les Arènes', to the 'Cathedral of Saint Trophime', a masterpiece of Provençal Romanesque architecture built in white stone, with a splendid, gracefully sculpted portal.
  • We then have some free time to enjoy some local culinary specialities and stroll around the historic town centre. Here we can admire the views and street scenes that so pleased Van Gogh, who came to Arles in 1888, drawn by the quality of light in this part of France. Here he found the inspiration for a number of the masterpieces that made him famous.
  • We leave Arles and make our way to the delightful town of Saint-Rémy for the second half of our tour. Together with our guide, we explore this small, typical Provençal town, visiting the Church of Saint Martin and some elegant Renaissance town houses, one of which is the birthplace of astrologer, chemist and writer Nostradamus, a controversial figure known around the world for his enigmatic prophecies.
  • Before we board the coach again to head back to the port in Marseille, we have some free time to purchase a few traditional Provençal souvenirs.

What you need to know
  • The duration of the transfer from port to Arles is approximately 1h15minutes.