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    Culture & local gems , MyExploration, Passepartour, Less than 1 hour walking

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In a nutshell

Natural monuments and legends: discover the Cyclops Riviera, between Aci Castello and Acireale; the imposing stacks linked to the legend of Polyphemus and Ulysses; the old towns built using lava stone from Mount Etna.

Main stops
  • Aci Castello and the Cyclops stacks​
  • Acireale and the Sicilian Baroque
  • Aci Trezza, the setting for the novel “The House by the Medlar Tree”

The programme
  • Discover the Ionian coast north of Catania, between Aci Castello, Acireale and Aci Trezza dedicated to the legend of Aci the shepherd, killed by Polyphemus over a disputed love. Prepare to see a coast defined by the lava flows from Mount Etna.
  • The first stop is Aci Castello, which takes its name from the Norman castle built with lava rock and overlooking the sea. The dark volcanic rock runs all the way to the Mother Church**.
  • Enjoy the glimpse of the Cyclops Riviera and imagine Polyphemus hurling huge boulders at the fleeing Ulysses, as recounted in the Odyssey. This is according to legend, the origin of the stacks.
  • The tour continues in Acireale, where lava from Mount Etna has become fertile soil for citrus trees. If you like art, you'll find many examples of Sicilian Baroque and the Neo-Gothic style in the old town.
  • And to conclude, a visit to Aci Trezza: the small fishing village immortalized by Giovanni Verga in his novel The House by the Medlar Tree. Don't forget to take a photo of the seafront promenade to post on social media.

Good to know
  • Slight changes may be made to itineraries and the length of excursions in order to safeguard your health and comply with regulations and the safety protocol.