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In a nutshell

The evening, with its incessant dialogue between light and shadow, exalts the unique beauty of the ancient Turkish capital. In this charming tour by night, Istanbul shows its dual aspect: modern and bold in the lively district surrounding Taksim square featuring contemporary bars, shops and cafés yet mysterious and seductive in its most ancient heart, home to grand monuments and historic vestiges charmingly enveloped by the evening light.

Main stops
  • Modern Taksim Square
  • Free time to explore the lively surrounding district
  • Sultanahmet: the ancient heart of the city
  • Stop for photos at the fabulous Blue Mosque
  • Panoramic tour of the centre

The programme
  • As the evening falls on the city, our coach takes us to the lively area of Taksim Square which is considered the modern heart of the city of Istanbul and popular with young people and tourists who gather in the local bars, restaurants and cafés.
  • Here, we have some free time available to explore the district at leisure and take in the involving atmosphere that permeates the streets embellished by the glistening night lights.
  • We can enjoy a stroll along Istiklal Caddesi, a lovely pedestrian street flanked by 19th-century palaces home to luxury stores, or venture into the bustling network of side streets filled with bars, antique shops and restaurants with views over the Bosphorus.
  • Once back on our coach, we head to the old part of the city known as Sultanahmet, the hub of the ancient Constantinople, surrounded by the sea on three sides and by colossal walls on the fourth almost making it a natural fortress.
  • In this fascinating setting, we stop for photos at the Blue Mosque, one of the most important points of reference in the ancient capital with its imposing domes, six minarets reaching for the sky and marvellous surrounding gardens. The evening lights and shadows make this incredible location even more evocative and provide the opportunity to take truly amazing photos.
  • We end our evening excursion with apanoramic tour of the centre during which we can admire some of Istanbul’s most famous monuments such as the majestic ruins of the Byzantine hippodrome, testimony to the ancient past of this incredible city.