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In a nutshell

An unforgettable experience to view the Island of Antigua from an exceptional perspective and fly at a low altitude over its crystal clear waters.

Main stops
  • St. John’s, English Harbour, Nelson’s Dockyard
  • Shirley Heights, Rendezvous Bay, Jolly Harbour
  • Cades Reef, Fort James, Pillars of Hercules,
  • Half Moon Bay, Devil’s Bridge, Hell’s Gate, Five Islands
  • Jumby Bay, Prickly Pear, Green Island, Great Bird Island & Dickenson Bay

The programme
  • We take an air-conditioned coach to the heliport which is a short distance from the Port of St. John.
  • When we arrive at the heliport, we are given a safety briefing about the flight and then we board our helicopter to begin our sensational adventure to discover Antigua from above.
  • Our spectacular tour has you aerially exploring Antigua’s stunning beaches, giving us the opportunity to view the whole circumference of the island which boasts more than 100 miles of coastline!
  • You’ll fly above St. John’s, getting a rare aerial view of your cruise ship as you glide out beyond the harbour. As you leave the shore, you'll experience the island's beauty with a bird’s eye view of its sparkling azure waters.
  • See every majestic beach, sprawling reef and outlying island as you soar along Antigua’s endless coastlines.
  • Ascend through the lush interior, taking in every notable landmark on the way, including the famous sugarmills which still dot the island.
  • Catch a rare overhead glimpse of the magnificent superyachts anchored in Falmouth Harbour before continuing your aerial tour of historic English Harbour.
  • You’ll fly above the world-famous Shirley Heights Lookout and Nelson’s Dockyard, both part of Antigua's UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • The tour continues going past the famous Half Moon Bay and Green Island, with its white sand, embracing the northern coast and the surrounding islands.
  • We fly over Great Bird Island, Prickly Pear Island, many beaches and beautiful scenery, on to Dickenson Bay before returning to the helipad close to St. John's.
  • See more of Antigua on this helicopter tour than most will see their entire vacation!

Good to know
  • This excursion does not include a guide.
  • The pilot will provide information in English.
  • The itinerary may be subject to changes due to weather conditions.
  • Maximum weight: 100 kg.
  • Maximum height: 213 cm.
  • The flight lasts approximately 25-30 minutes.
  • The coach transfer to the helipad takes approximately 10 minutes.
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.
  • We recommend you bring your camera and wear comfortable shoes.