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In a nutshell We sail the azure waters of Lagoa do Mundaú, admiring beautiful lakeside views, populated by hardworking fishermen, and surrounded by lush mangroves and towering palms, and then enjoy a dip in the blue waters of this fascinating ecosystem.

Main stops
  • Massagueira
  • Lagoa do Mundaú
  • Mangrove forest
  • Swim break at the beach

The programme
  • We leave the port by coach in the direction of Massagueira, which is a few kilometres to the south.
  • We arrive at the quay where a boat awaits us, to whisk us away on a spectacular cruise over the waters of Lagoa do Mundaú with its marshes, islands and channels.
  • This lagoon and the adjacent Lagoa Manguaba, to which it is attached, form one of the world's largest lagoon complexes. We sail among the nine islands that dot the waters, including the beautiful Ilha de Santa Rita, a protected area that boasts incredible biodiversity.
  • During this peaceful trip, we can admire the large mangrove forest growing on the shore, interrupted by beautiful white sand beaches on which stand willowy palm trees caressed by the wind.
  • In this environment of rare beauty, we stop to dive into the literally unique ecosystem of the lagoon: swimming in the blue waters of a tropical paradise is an experience not to be missed. And with a little luck we can observe the local fishermen engaged in their daily activities.
  • We then return to Massagueira quay, where we find our coach to return to the ship.

Good to know
  • Space is limited, so be sure to book early.
  • The beach is not equipped with toilets, which are only available on board.
  • There will not be a guide on the excursion.
  • The tour does not include beach chairs.
  • The excursion is not recommended for guests with mobility problems.
  • There is limited availability of English-language guides; if these are not available the local guide's commentary will be translated by a local interpreter.