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    Panorama, Nature, Divertimento, Meal included

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From the evocative scenery of the Orongo ceremonial village to the moai quarry followed by a VIP lunch with ocean views.

What we will see
  • Orongo
  • Ranu Raraku
  • Lunch

What we will do
  • An exclusive experience to enjoy the most remote and mysterious place in the Pacific Ocean - Easter Island. Our adventure start by exploring Orongo, an ancient village where 15 young athletes from the different tribes used to compete in a race to win the title of birdman every year.
  • The heroic athletes would set off from the point where the 250 metre high cliff meets the inner wall of the Ranu Kau crater and face the ocean waves to reach the island in the hopes of conquering an egg laid by a “sooty tern”, a rare bird considered sacred, that they would then have to bring back with them to the village.
  • We stroll among masonry houses that blend in with the surrounding nature, perched between the blue skies and the cliffs dropping into the ocean. Only silence and the screech of the birds surround us - the only noise is that of our bubbling emotions. 
  • We then reach one of the most significant sites of the island - Ranu Raraku, the quarry and workshop where the moais where carved.
  • Over 390 moais appear before us with a myriad of shapes, sizes and positions - anchored to the rock, laid down, partially buried or fully erected in their majestic dignity. They are a perfect representation of the various phases of the carving process.
  • The most exclusive stop in our tour is a luxury lunch which we have the privilege to enjoy while overlooking the ocean, with our eyes gazing towards the horizon - the ideal location for a true VIP lunch. Essential, yet elegant and imposing at the same time.
  • The lunch is the perfect way to end a thrilling and mysterious day, with a toast to nature, human skills and life itself.

What you need to know
  • Do not forget to bring a hat and sun cream, bearing in mind the latitude.
  • We recommend wearing comfortable walking shoes and to bring a waterproof jacket in the case of unexpected bad weather.
  • The itinerary may be subject to change.
  • We recommend that you book early because only a limited number of places are available.