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    Designed for families, Culture & local gems, Passepartour, Less than 1 hour walking, Family friendly

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In a nutshell

An excursion to discover Salalah, a city in south Oman, which holds natural beauty, particularly in the Khareef (spring/summer) season, when the region is affected by the annual monsoon, transforming it into a luxury garden with streams and waterfalls.

Main stops
  • Grand Mosque (external visit)
  • The city of Salalah
  • Archaeological site of Al-Balid
  • Shanfari Mosque (external visit)
  • Al Husn Souk
  • Site of the 14 camel-hoof-shaped prints of the She-Camel of the Prophet Salih
  • Al Husn Palace

The programme

  • Capital of the region of Dhofar, former kingdom of Queen Saba, in south Oman, Salalah is known as the 'perfume capital'. Located along the incense trail, it is a jewel tucked away between the blue of the Indian Ocean and the unexpected deep green of its mountains.
  • Our half-day excursion to Salalah, an important place even in terms of its historic and archaeological outline, begins with an external visit to the Grande Mosque, the largest in Salalah. It is has a single dome structure flanked by two minarets, with beautiful Arabic calligraphy inscriptions inside.
  • Our next stop will be at the archaeological site of Al-Balid, which houses elements attesting the cultural, historic and archaeological heritage of the entire region.
  • We will then head to the Shanfari Mosque visiting the outside and stop to take photographs.
  • We will continue our tour to Al Husn Souk, the old, evocative market where incense, materials, gold and silver are sold.
  • Subsequently, we will visit the site of the 14 camel-hoof-shaped prints of the She-Camel of the Prophet Salih.
  • Finally, we will pass by the Al Husn Palace, the summer residency of His Highness, Sultan Qaboos.

Good to know
  • Dollars are accepted in the souk.
  • The excursion may take place in the morning or afternoon.
  • Regulations forsee that ladies visiting the Mosque should have their heads covered by a scarf or a pashmina and to be wearing clothing with long sleeves covering until their wrists and a long dress until their ankles. Please avoid wearing shorts or sun dresses without sleeves and tight fitted clothing. Men entering the Mosque need to be wearing long trousers and shirts with short or long sleeves. Please avoid to wear shirts without sleeves or vest type tops. It is necessary to remove shoes to enter the Mosque. Visible tattoos must be covered. Guests must follow this regulation in order to be able to enter the Mosque.
  • On Thursdays, Fridays and national holidays, museums, mosques, archaeological sites and shops may be closed without warning.
  • Slight changes may be made to itineraries and the length of excursions in order to safeguard your health and comply with regulations and the safety protocol.