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In a nutshell Who says animals are only active during the day? This tour enables us to discover thousands of nocturnal species in the first night-time zoo safari in the world.

Main stops
  • Tour of the Night Safari Park by train
  • Stroll around the park

The programme
  • The Night Safari Park opened in 1994 and it is the first safari for nocturnal animals. Its 35 hectares of thick forest are organized as an “open-air zoo” where the animals roam freely in large fenced natural reservoirs separated by valleys, moats, wooden railings and undergrowth. Special lighting makes it possible to see over 2,500 nocturnal animals from the over 130 species living in the park (35% of which at risk of extinction) precisely when they are the most active. 
  • After disembarking, a coach takes us directly to the Night Safari Park. 
  • Once there, we get on a train for a 45-minute ride along the two park circuits. The east and west circuits take us to discover three continents and eight geographical areas: from the exotic Himalayan slopes, Nepalese river valleys and Equatorial Africa savannah to the thick Indo-Malaysian jungle.
  • We spot fascinating animals such as the great Indian rhinoceros, Cape giraffe, Malayan tiger, Cape buffalo, bongo, Himalayan blue sheep and Asian elephant.
  • The vegetation also boasts a few majestic trees that can be as tall as 40 metres.
  • After the train ride, we can decide whether to venture on one of the four perfectly-lit walking trails that enable us to get so near to the animals that we can almost smell them. One of the easier trails is that of the fishing cat, where we can also spot fawns and an enclosure where bats fly freely.